Habit Tracker for Notion

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From definition to tracking, this template will help you building long-lasting habits.

Be able to track your habits in a visually appealing Dashboard, setting your goals per week and see your progress. Furthermore you can use a guiding framework for each habit, which helps sticking to your habits.

This template includes:

✔️ a visually pleasing table to track your progress per week
✔️ a aestethic dashboard with all your habits in one view
✔️ a guiding Framework for each habit

✔️ many different progress bars

✔️ some additional Learnings I personally find very helpful for building habits

✔️ Counter of weeks, where you stick to your habits

✔️ Quotes for motivation

✔️ light and dark theme

Stay consistent!

Questions or feature suggestions? Contact us at heydenniswi@gmail.com 😊

- As this is a digital product, all sales are final. This template is a personal license for individual use only. However, if you want to support me, you can share the purchase link with your friends.

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Habit Tracker for Notion

0 ratings
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